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Parties and Holiday!

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Lavanya is one year old! Can you believe it? We had a private party with much delicious chocolate cake. Nilesh's parents called right as we were lighting the candles, so we put on the web camera, and they were able to sing and watch with us all the way from India. it was awesome. I think everyone else forgot it was her birthday. Last year she was born Thanksgiving weekend, so I think everyone just has this upcoming Saturday as her birthday in their heads instead of the actual date.

Sunday we went to another friend's party, and Gayatri had a blast, singing songs, being bossy (she's like a little mini-me). Now, she's all excited by the prospect of Uncle Alex coming tomorrow. Then, Thursday, even more people will arrive. It is just a whirlwind of crazy fun.

Hopefully Gayatri won't notice that I hid her rocking horse, tricycle and trolly cart in the storage shed. Heh. I don't want to negotiate who gets to play with what when the house gets bombarded with people. And I wanted to free up some floor space in the office for Alex and fam to sleep. Elsie and Elijah Moon are the same age. Both are cool kids, I hope they get along. Azel and Gayatri are the same age, but both are high strung (hence the hiding of large unsharable items) so I have no clue if they will get along. Lavanya will hide for a while, and then start wandering and exploring the plethora of people. We don't have enough table space or chairs, so we'll put the food up high, let the kids eat at the table and adults eat on the floor, as adults are capable of defending their plates from roaming baby.

I'm so excited. 6 adults, 5 kids. family, friends... and my organic, local, free-range turkey! yes! I'm way too excited about my turkey.

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On November 26th, 2008 09:52 am (UTC), ghost_light commented:
Happy birthday!
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On November 26th, 2008 11:50 am (UTC), theloriest commented:
I am a bad bad aunt. I did remember her birthday, but did forget which exact day it was.

Happy birthday, Lavanya!

(By the way, I have some books for the girls that you will probably remember very very well. I'll be getting everything wrapped and sent out in Monday's post.)

Sounds like your Thanksgiving is going to rock the house. *smiles*
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