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Yesterday's pizza turned out very tasty. Only thing better would have been if I had stone bakeware.

Today, I'm going to try making past for my very first time!
The dough is made, the ball isresting, so now I just have to roll, cut and cook.

Today's shopping trip was our first trip in which we are going with only local pasture finished meat. So... no meat. It isn't too hard. We already eat 75% vegetarian. And I'm still keeping Wild salmon. I just need to expand my from-scratch cooking skills. I've also realized I need to find me some cookbooks that I love that I'll actually cook from instead of just flipping through and going, "oh! that looks yummy, we'll have to order that some day."

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Random things...

I reread Poisonwood Bible for the third (or is it fourth) time and was once again blown away by the depth and intricacy in that book. It made me want more Kingsolver, so I went to the library and grabbed her non-fiction book about eating local: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. And let me just say, it was amazing, I'm forcing Nilesh to read it, and we are starting a revamp of our eating, growing and buying habits because of it.

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So... Tina and family are supposed to be arriving tomorrow evening. Whee! I've been prepping Gayatri by teaching her to say Aunt Tina, Uncle Mike, Cousin Emily, Cousin Hugh and to practice gentle touches for the babies.  We're planning to cook a variety of meals. Gonna try Poha and Kitchri on them. But I've got back-up plans of french toast or mac-n-cheese.

We're charging the camera. And cleared old pictures, so I uploaded a few pics of my beautiful baby.

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For anyone who doesn't regularly check my flickr page... I posted new pics last week. Ain't she cute?

And here's the big giant book meme thing that I took from Lori.

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So.. here is my baby munching on banana.

Video behind cut...Collapse )
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I finally uploaded some pictures. This not spending time on the internet is killing my update-ability.
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Today is the new year in Maharashtra!

So... raise your Gudi

woot! Plenty of puris and shrikhand at our place.

Happy new year!!!

More info... at Wikipedia
and at Fundamentalist Hindu site

and for random insanity... try here.

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Finally uploaded all the pictures on the camera and put some onto flickr. yay!

Love that baby belly!

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Because I must pay homage to my geek inner self.

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Evidently, in New York City, there is a place where they send teachers called "the rubber room." Some teachers get sent there while they await disciplinary action. Some get sent there because they had a personality conflict with their principal. Some stay just a few days. Some have stayed for years.

What is it? A bunch of rooms. Where the teachers report all day, Monday - Friday, every day of the school year. They sit there. They do nothing. They aren't required to do anything. And they receive their full salary.

Any thoughts?

Me personally... I think this is a perfect example of how the public school system works. Granted, it is an extreme case... but it is such a waste of money and teachers.

If you want to hear more... this is where I first heard about it. This American Life. And then I watched the preview for the documentary here.
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