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We tend to watch an episode of Old School Sesame Street (thanks JB!) most mornings. And one thing I love, besides Gayatri knowing who Guy Smiley is (as opposed to Baby Bear) is just looking at the little kids in the segments and thinking, "Those little kids are older than me!"

We put the last leaf on our weather tree for the year. I'll take pictures today and get them posted (along with the pics of my mom's cabinet.)

Christmas was a bit more than I planned. But lovely nonetheless. Gayatri got mermaid, baby doll, etch-a-sketch, 101 piece art set and 7 wooden puzzles.  Lavanya got 3 felt balls, a few baby toys, and a cool wooden toy. Both girls have been playing and sharing the awesome play silks from Grandma.

Nilesh, the Girls and I are all fighting a bit of a cold now, but nothing devastating.

Can you believe Lavanya is 13 months and Gayatri will be 3 on friday? crazy.

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On January 4th, 2009 04:08 am (UTC), kornopolous commented:
Happy new year Tracy!
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