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Productive Evening

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I didn't get a chance to finish cleaning the kitchen as much as I wanted to before Alex and Char showed up this afternoon/evening. What with trying to put away all the huge quantities of foodstuffs that Nilesh brought home, the bags Gayatri and I snagged at Target just minutes before they arrived, and last minute cleaning of the living room.... My kitchen was a disorganized clutter zone.  But now... the girls and guests are all sleeping. I finished baking two pumpkin pies, the cornbread(for the stuffing) is baking in the oven. And I got my kitchen clean! I even got the living room all decluttered once again. I emptied the non-fruit items from the fruit bowl, washed and displayed snacking fruit in it, filled all the water bottles and swept the floor. Ahhhhh.... feels good.

Tomorrow is all about oven logistics. But... I'm a master at kitchen tetris, so no worries. Just good smells, yummy food and awesome people. Thanksgiving is the bestest holiday in the year.

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On December 1st, 2008 09:36 pm (UTC), theloriest commented:
From the sound of things (and the pictures you posted!) your Thanksgiving was fantastic. *smiles* Love you lots.
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